Some Features that Made us Unique

Mind Your Own Business, originally known as MYOB is a worldwide enterprise which provides accounting, tax and other business software. MYOB setup being trusted by millions of businesses provides business solutions for every size from small to large business. It’s powerful accounting software which enhances and improves your business productivity and enables financial control. You can visit Australia for the complete setup process. With its easy interface MYOB setup provides numerous features in its software. All new STP (Single Touch Payroll) feature which enables to report payroll in a much easier and advanced way. Offering tools for tax management, invoicing, payroll, expenses and reporting it allows users to manage payrolls and invoices and organizing and filing tax returns.

Faster Payments

With wide range of payment methods you will get paid 4 times faster than usual. To get that benefit you need to setup your invoice.

Easier Debtor Management

This function is considered to be very helpful for small and medium sized businesses to chase down their debts in very much less time.

Cash Flow Control

Within this program you can link all the associated bank accounts and you can also customize reports regarding payments and sales.

Easy Costing And Tracking

Track all the tax activities happening right now and also track jobs and projects hassle free. All these actions are possible only with AccountRight.


Manage payroll, leave and PAYE deductions in the Payroll program with just few clicks. It is assured that it will satisfy all your Payroll needs.

Work Securely In The Cloud

With the help of MYOB essentials you can manage all the accounting and payroll activities online without any trouble.

Features Of MYOB

Mostly business or accounting software installation needs a technical hand and can be tricky at times but we have made it all easy with our MYOB setup guide and now you can easily install it by your hand. To do so you just need to visit and simply follow the given steps there. With MYOB Setup Australia you can do everything by your own which you previously wish for including tax filing, accounting and a lot more.

How To Set Up MYOB?

To start with the setup procedure, make sure that you have saved all opened documents already and close all other programs. Now, you need to log in as administrator to continue with the procedure. You can either download MYOB online or can buy a software CD to install it on your device.

Installation Via CD

  • Place your software CD into the CD Drive and wait for the welcome window to appear, if the window does not appear itself than go to windows explorer and open the folder D:\drive and then double click on the autorun.exe tab.
  • Now click on “Install Account Right [Basics/Standard/Plus] and let the installation window appear.

Installation Via Download

  • Locate the file you downloaded in downloads with a .exe extension such as MYOB Account Right Basics 2011.exe.
  • Double click on the located file to start the installation and an installation window will appear.
  • Now just follow the simple instructions on your screen.
  • Note that, if you are getting trouble while installing MYOB, you can try after disabling your antivirus software.
  • After the complete installation, launch Account Right and the Help Centre or just skip the step.
  • Click on Finish. After that, the Software Manager page will show up, click on the Help Centre to get more information about it and then close the window. Basically, it’s the tool which manages upgrades in your software.
  • Now you register your software to ensure you receive all allocations provided by the software which includes introductory support and other company related entitlements. It also ensures you get the software updates for enhanced use.
  • Now to register, open your web browser and then visit
  • In the section “Business Product Registration, click on Register now.
  • Fill in the online registration form and submit it.

Landed With An Error, Don’t Sweat It. We’ve Got Your Back On This One

On our Australia, you can get the complete setup process stated in simple steps to ensure everyone can install the program easily by their side without any trouble. The focus of MYOB setup is to assist regarding the installation, activation, updates, and trouble related issues. The setup guide is totally simple and effectual.

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